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Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports races first-ever GP Oetingen

After a satisfying season opener with the Healthy Ageing Tour, Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports’s next race will be the first-ever GP Oetingen on March 14th.

The 120 km long Belgian 1.2 race consists of ten laps of twaalf km in total. The critical parts can be found in the second half of the course. With narrow roads, a few cobblestone sections and the climb of the 500 metre long Bergstraat it has all the ingredients to be a tricky race. After reaching the summit of the climb, there’s only two km left until the finish in Oetingen.

Quinty Ton eagerly awaits her first appearance in a Belgian race in 2021. She says: “A lot of riders are taking part in this race. It will be a constant battle and positioning will be key during the race. I expect that in the back of the bunch, the door will be wide open. I hope that we are able to keep up the momentum from the Healthy Ageing Tour.”

The GP Oetingen departs at 13.30 uur CET. The finish is expected to take place between 16.30 and 17.00 CET. The race will not be broadcasted. The Belgian Cycling app will give race updates, as will hopefully the Twitter hashtag #GPOetingen.

Joining Quinty Ton in the race will be Inez Beijer, Marissa Baks, Nathalie Eklund, Daniek Hengeveld, Melissa van Neck and Nienke Wasmus. Wasmus and Beijer will make their season debut for the team.

🇨🇿 Melissa van Neck
🇳🇱 Quinty Ton
🇸🇪 Nathalie Eklund
🇳🇱 Nienke Wasmus
🇳🇱 Inez Beijer
🇳🇱 Marissa Baks
🇳🇱 Daniek Hengeveld