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Everything you did and did not want to know about… Lieke van Weereld

Our weekly feature ‘Everything you did and did not want to know about’ is a great way to get to know everyone from TALENT Cycling a little better. Everyone who contributes to TALENT Cycling faces some tough dilemmas and, hopefully, interesting questions. This week: elite rider Lieke van Weereld.

Liek, Liekie


Klein maar fijn (roughly translated: small but lovely)

Favourite race?
My favourite pro race is the Giro Rosa. Of the races I have done myself I would pick gedaan Ulestraten en Assen

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Describe yourself in three song titles
1. Bicycle
2. Work Hard Play Hard
3. Paris

Favourite movie?
The Hunger Games

Which shoe do you clip in with first?

Favourite climb?

Favourite descent?
The descent towards Aywaille

Guilty pleasure?
White chocolate

Always headwind or always riding with wet cycling shoes?
Wet cycling shoes

Name three items on your bucket list?
Compete in a triathlon, visit Japan and the United States, climb the Stelvio.

What is your best moment ever on the bike?
Dutch cyclocross championships and UCI crosses with the pros

Which animal would you like to be?

Who is your idol? 
Lars van der Haar and Marianne Vos

You can invite 3 guests to a dream dinner party. Who?
Leontien van Moorsel, Harry Styles, Anna van der Breggen

One day race or stage race?
Stage race

Which celebrity do you want to trade places with for a day?
Mathieu van der Poel

What is the most beautiful place you have been on the bike?
Lake Iseo

World champion or Olympic champion? 
Olympic champion

What super power do you want to have? 

Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? 
100 duck-sized horses

What is a race you will never forget and why?
Omloop van Strijen as a second year U17 rider; this was my first-ever race!

What is your hidden talent?

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