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TALENT Cycling's ambitious U17 team ready to take on 2021

In 2021, we will see an almost entirely new U17 team. There is one returning rider, but we also see four new faces in the TALENT Elabo Development Team outfit.

Zoë van Velzen is one of the five riders of the U17 team in 2021
Despite the coronavirus pandemic, which took a lot of the season away, Zoë van Velzen can look back on a great first year with TALENT Cycling. Amongst other great performances, she the best U17 rider in the presitigious Watersley Ladies Challenge.

Stefan van Klink introduces the newcomers: “Fien Winters comes over from WV Noordwesthoek. Like Zoë, she will be a second-year U17 rider next year.” Jade Wuurman (Alcmaria Victrix), Jasmijn van Hellemondt (ARTV De Adelaar) and Deirdre Mens (LRTV Swift) complete the five-rider squad.
“It’s a very motivated group of riders”, says TALENT Cycling trainer Van Klink.”They all want to get the most out of their cycling careers. That makes them all exciting riders to work with. Next year won’t be all about winning, but, as always, gradual physical improvement, gaining more knowledge and team play. Victories are jolly nice, but they are a side effect. It’s all about long term development!”

TALENT Cycling U17 team in 2021

Zoë van Velzen
Fien Winters
Jade Wuurman
Jasmijn van Hellemondt
Deirdre Mens