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Presenting TALENT Elabo Development's 2021 U19 team

Eight motivated U19 riders will wear the TALENT Elabo Development Team outfit next year.

Trainer Stefan van Klink looks forward to the new season. “2020 wasn’t a lost year entirely, but we can’t deny the effects the coronacrisis has had. It took away most of our racing program, so we were very glad to have raced a few races at the end of the season. During those races, I was pleased to notice a lot of progression.”

“Norah Minck, Carola van der Wetering and Freja-Ann Smith go into their second and final year as a junior. We welcome Nina Maathuis, Lisa van Belle and Roos van den Berg to the squad. They were all members of the U17 team last season, so we are excited to keep working with them.”
“We also see some new names in our organisation”, Van Klink continues. “Willemijn Prins already did a few races with us at the end of the season and we are glad to welcome her to the team. Maud Oudeman also did a few races with us and we are excited for her to make the transition from triathon to cycling.”
“We will have a mixed racing program with the squad. Think about criteriums and interclubraces, but also national classics and UCI Junior Nations’ Cup races. With this group of riders, I think it’s going to be a very interesting and exciting year.”

TALENT Elabo Development U19 Team 2021

  • Norah Minck
  • Carola van de Wetering
  • Freja-Ann Smith
  • Maud Oudeman
  • Willemijn Prins
  • Nina Maathuis
  • Lisa van Belle
  • Roos van den Berg