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International TALENT Elabo Development elite team looks forward to 2021

Thirteen riders will be wearing the TALENT Elabo Development colours next year in our elite team. We look forward to take on the new seasons with an internationaal squad, with ambitious riders from all over the globe.

Ook in 2021 rijdt Myrthe Willemsen in TALENT Cycling-tenue

TALENT Cycling trainer Stefan van Klink says: “Marit Wasmus, Sophie Tierolf and Fleur van der Peet will start their first year in the elite category and we’re happy to have them step over from our U19 team. Very nice to see, because that’s one of our main goals. Growing step by step is possible with our four team model and it delights us that riders also clearly appreciate this.”

“Returning names in our elite team are Lieke van Weereld, Alina Lange, Myrthe Willemsen and Elizabeth Nuspan. Laura van Regenmortel returns to the team from our UCI team, and we’re very hapy to see her continuing in our ranks. She will be of incredible value towards other riders. And of course, I’m very happy to see Lieke, Myrthe, Elizabeth and Alina stay with us too. It is one of the key indicators of our success to see riders continuing. It’s an absolute privilige to keep working with them and I very much look forward to see their progress in 2021.”

“In our elite team, we see five new faces as well. Lea Waldhoff and Petra Welmers take the leap from the junior ranks as well. Lea rode for the German team Mangersteder Bayern the past few years, Petra comes over from Wielerzone and Iris comes over from ARTV De Adelaar. Demi Beernink and Emma Busschen are two interesting riders as well. They are relatively inexperienced racing-wise, but they are very eager to learn. We are very excited to help them in their journey.”

TALENT Elabo Development elite team in 2021

  • Myrthe Willemsen
  • Lieke van Weereld
  • Elizabeth Nuspan
  • Alina Lange
  • Marit Wasmus
  • Sophie Tierolf
  • Iris van der Kolk
  • Fleur van der Peet
  • Laura van Regenmortel
  • Petra Welmers
  • Lea Waldhoff
  • Demi Beernink
  • Emma Russchen