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Biehler Krush Pro Cycling becomes 'Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports' in 2021

Next season, the Dutch-based UCI women’s cycling team ‘Biehler Krush Pro Cycling’ will continue under the name ‘Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports’.

Team manager Hans Blom: “After a number of successful years, we are saying goodbye to Biehler. We have always considered our cooperation to be very good and we would like to thank Biehler for their substantial contribution to our team.”

Development in 2021

While the cycling season in 2020 fell into the water due to the coronavirus pandemic, the sponsors fortunately did not step back for the UCI continental women’s team. The support of the three title sponsors for 2021 is more than welcome. “This allows the team to develop further, in both the training course of the riders and the development of the professional team.”



Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports is proud of the renewed partnership! In addition to these three sponsors, the team will be supported by several sponsors in 2021. You can read all about it on our renewed website, which will be online at the beginning of 2021.

Selection for 2021

The selection of Grant Thornton-Krush Bikes-Tunap Sports in 2021 consists of six well-known faces for now: Nienke Wasmus, Quinty Ton, Melanie Klement, Henrietta Colborne, Inez Beijer and Marissa Baks. Daniek Hengeveld, Swedish road race champion Nathalie Eklund and Clara Lundmark make their debut with the team in a UCI team.

About Grant Thornton

The Dutch branch of Grant Thornton is part of Grant Thornton International Ltd, one of the world’s largest networks of independent accountancy and advisory organizations. From nine Dutch offices, more than 450 professionals support our clients with advice and action in the areas of assurance, (financial) advice issues, accountancy and taxation. At Talent Cycling, training is central. Grant Thornton isn’t just about the here and now: the future is just as important. Grant Thornton is constantly working to broaden the base to improve their services. 

About Krush Bikes

Krush Bikes is a young, ambitious bicycle brand that focuses on the Dutch market and stands for affordable (racing) bicycles. Milo van Wermeskerken of Krush Bikes is enthusiastic about the collaboration. “With a small team, we put our best foot forward every day, for our customers. Because we mainly focus on the Dutch market, the choice for “Grant Thornton Krush Bikes Tunap Sports” is a very logical one for us. This collaboration is a great opportunity for us to show the Netherlands what the riders on our bikes are capable of. In addition, more people will be able to get to know our brand. The vision of the team also appeals to us. We are a developing company with employees who give the best for our customers every day. We are constantly working to improve our products and services. We recognize this drive to improve in all areas every day in “Grant Thornton Krush Bikes Tunap Sports”. There is a dot on the horizon where we both want to go. We will do everything we can to achieve that. ” 


About TUNAP Sports

In 2020, TUNAP SPORTS introduced a new product line that focuses on cycling and the athlete. A unique concept in which TUNAP not only produces bicycle care products, but also body care products. TUNAP SPORTS supports Talent Cycling and Grant Thornton Krush Bikes Tunap Sports because they are 100% behind this project and its goals. The bicycle must once again become a normal means of transport for children and young people to combine health, exercise and sport in a simple and natural way. In order to make the care and maintenance of this bicycle easy and above all environmentally friendly, TUNAP SPORTS is particularly pleased to be part of the sponsor collective and to contribute as much as possible to great performances with their products, experience and advice.