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TALENT Cycling presents international junior team

TALENT Cycling’s international junior team consists of six riders. Besides four Dutch riders there will be riders from Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Marit Wasmus is a familiar face in the team. After being almost a year out due to a serious concussion, she will try and get back to her old form. New in the team will be her old team mate Fleur van der Peet, who used to be riding the colours of Westland Wil Vooruit. With TALENT Cycling, Van der Peet will focus more and road cycling this year.

Other new Dutch riders of the squad are Norah Minck and Carola van de Wetering who were riding for NWVG and ASC Olympia previous years. Both riders are first-year juniors and at TALENT Cycling they hope to make important steps in their development.

We are delighted to announce that Belgian Sophie Tierolf and the British Freja Ann Smith will also join the team. They both aim to be riding races at a higher level to keep developing themselves. They will get the opportunity to ride in all sorts of races: criteriums, classics and UCI¬†Women Junior Nations’ Cup races.

Team manager Stefan van Klink: “Our U19 team is relatively unexperienced, but it without question is a talented group of riders. In races, we won’t be the clear favourites, but I have a lot of trust in the development these riders will go through. During the winter I already have seen a lot of great things. I am absolutely sure they will keep making progress during extensive training sessions and races.”

TALENT Cycling U19 team 2020:

  • Norah Minck
  • Fleur van der Peet
  • Freja Ann Smith
  • Sophie Tierolf
  • Marit Wasmus
  • Carola van de Wetering