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QuaranTraining: 6 tips om fit te blijven tijdens de coronacrisis

De coronacrisis has huge impact on cycling. It means no more races for TALENT Cycling and Biehler Krush Pro Cycling riders. Nevertheless, this is not the time to stop being active. With a few adjustments it’s still possible to do your training. TALENT Cycling trainer Stefan van Klink shares six tips on staying fit during these days.

During the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Inez Beijer already set an example 😉 - photo: Cees van 't Geloof

We need to be creative. No more group training sessions and no races. But there are still ways to keep on training.

1. Follow the instructions of the authorities

There is a lot of information on what (not) to do. The most important is to follow the guidelines of the authorities. For Dutch-based cyclists, KNWU wrote a handy guide.

2. Shift your goals

Without races or other events it can be difficult to find the motivation to keep training. A lot of our riders had peak form planned during the spring, but they all are forced to focus on other targets. Luckily, the cycling season is long and hopefully we’ll have the possibility to have some big races, gran fondos and sportives left.

3. Know where you train for

You always train to get better. As a cyclists, you want to get the most out of yourself. Even though there are no races or sportives to work towards, this is still possible. As long as we can train, we can get better. Find other ways to challenge yourself. A varied training regime will help to keep training fun while you also can still make progress.

4. Discover

Try and look for places you never been before! Endurance rides are beneficial in this period, so try to enjoy the surroundings. A tool Statshunters can help you to find new places to ride your bike and to stay motivated.

5. Koers op Zwift

The way to still race is via Zwift or similar applications. During a lockdown this is the only way to still experience the racing feeling. And indoor training sessions will always be possible, whether you’re in lockdown or not.

6. Follow a training program

All Biehler Krush Pro Cycling and TALENT Cycling riders follow an individual training program. This helps them to stay focused and become better cyclists. The big advantage of cycling is that it’s always possible to train, outside or inside. When training individually, a training program can be very beneficial. KNWU Fondo is a great way for recreational cyclists to train well and focused. A must-try!