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TALENT Cycling looks forward to the future full of ambition

During the previous months, TALENT Cycling has worked hard to build the new women’s cycling porject. The riders who will be part of one of the four teams during the upcoming cycling season recently met up for a kick-off. “It’s a ambitious, international group of riders and we are sure we can all push each other to another level”, says Frank de Haan, chairman of TALENT Cycling.

With its worldwide unique four-team structure, TALENT Cycling is committed to the development of young, female cycling prospects. “Our goal is to create the best possible development structure. Through the Cycling Done Differently-concept we are continuously challenging ourselves to keep improving on all fronts: we offer support and training on tactical, physical and mental level. With our structure, we want to bridge the gap between the youth ranks and the world’s best athletes, and we can do so with a long term vision. That’s where we make a difference.”

There’s room for more people to join the ambitous women’s cycling project. “Whether it is as a soigneur, mechanic, trainer or director sportif, everyone with a passion for (women’s) cycling can get an opportunity to develop. Men are of course welcome, but it’s also one of our goals to get more women into the cycling world. There are already female soigneurs (mental) coaches and mechanics within the organisation, but for sure there’s room for more. We’d also love to see more female DS’s.” Everyone who’s interested can contact TALENT Cycling via

TALENT Cycling is also actively looking for more partners to be able to keep on growing as an organisation. “To keep on making the difference over the coming years, a bigger budget is essential, there’s no need to be mysterious about that”, De Haan says. “At the same time, we believe that cycling sponsoring is not about slapping logos onto jerseys. In exchange for the support of companies we offer interesting marketing opportunities. Besides that, we also offer membership of our business club. It is where entrepeneurs who recognize themselves in the ‘Done Differently’ way of thinking come together.”

TALENT Cycling will present the four teams shortly.