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A new beginning

The staff of the SWABO Women Development Team has decided to quit their work for SWABO at the end of the cycling season.

 SWABO will continue to invest in women’s cycling, a new group of staff members will continue. Riders of LRTV Swift, WV Avanti and RTV De Bollenstreek will still have the possibility to take part in national races.

The current staff will continue its business under a new name: ‘Talent Cycling’. Talent Cycling will focus on top-class sport, SwaboLadies focus on recreational side of the sport.Talent Cycling will focus on their development structure consisting of a U17 team, U19 team, elite team, and UCI team (Biehler Pro Cycling) to mentor talented riders on their way to the world top. Talent Cycling is a new cycling club with its own administration and staff. The team is open to riders from all cycling clubs.

At the 4th of October 2019 the SWABO Women Development Team as your know it will adapt its new identity: Talent Cycling. The current staff wishes the new SwaboLadies staff all the best for the future.